Services Offered

My Present Heart offers a variety of services, our most popular are listed here.  Consultations are free. During a consultation, we can get clear what your goals and needs are to see how we can best serve you. Please feel free to contact us to learn more. If you are looking for our Corporate and Business seminars and offerings, please visit our sister site:

MPH Coaching

My Present Heart Coaching takes us on the empowering journey from the head to the intuitive guiding of our Heart and Soul. Your heart knows what it wants. The Soul knows what to do. When the Heart and Soul are Aligned and Heard: clarity, power and direction emerge. Then you can feel what’s the next step for you to take that’s on point with your passion, purpose and joy! The process taught in MPH coaching gives you tools that can enhance your ability to listen, open, follow and communicate from your heart for the rest of your life.


MPH Retreats

My Present Heart Retreats are a place to nurture all aspects of our being: Spiritual, Energetic, Physical, Emotional, and Mental.  The current times are calling us to claim our own power, as well as our deep connection to each other.  MPH retreats utilize the power of the collective to heal us all individually and vice versa. See some moving experiences of retreat participants in the below video and watch the Retreat introduction video on the Retreats Page.

MPH Circles

My Present Heart Circles are a beautiful opportunity to heal, grow and connect with ourselves and others. When we become present and real with each other, there is no end to the healing potential!  Using the guidance of the Coach, as well as the divine Circle Wisdom, there is healing and medicine for everyone weekly.  We invite you to read the testimonials below and fully on the Testimonials Page.

Corporate Offerings

Bring Mindfulness, Compassionate Leadership, Heart Centered Communication &  Team Building to your organization. We offer a variety of seminars in half day, full day or two day workshops. We also offer coaching programs for C-Level Leadership. See our list of seminars for topics we offer motivation talks in townhalls and all hands meetings on as well. Learn More on our corporate website at:

MPH Holistic Health Advising

The way we relate to our Body, Mind, and Emotions creates a big impact on our overall Health and either aids or prevents us from reaching our Health Goals. In Holistic Health Advising we work with you to create a symbiotic relationship with your Body, Mind, Energy and Emotions, so that you can reach your Health Goals.  Working from the seed of changing why we don’t take care of ourselves to creating new habits.