“The retreat I attended was incredibly special and left me with a taste of sweetness. Magic has been unfolding daily. Connections for both business and friendship have shown up at an incredible pace. Dare to dream it and it appears. I am still grinning with joy at how the universe is conspiring so magically. I feel a new magnetism within and I can see it rubbing off in my day to day relationships. There is a lighter step in my workplace, or maybe a higher vibration.  Since finishing the retreat, I notice people at different vibrations than me and can recognize more clearly where they are coming from. My triggers are familiar territory now and I can manage them from afar so much better. It feels good to be in the place of the heart and not the head. It reminds me of what an old wise Cowboy said on a TV documentary many years ago 'Follow your Heart, it's always right'. Vivek and Kristina are truly gifted teachers".  -Claire

“I have never done a testimonial for any workshop, but this one is worth encouraging others to attend. We engaged in accepting ourselves to be who we are and not let the fear of what others think keep us from being ourselves.  I could focus on being who I am rather than what I believed others would think about me.  I gave myself permission to be who I am.   I am a psychologist and attend 2 to 3 workshops a year focusing on anxiety and depression.  In 30 years, the workshop Vivek and Kristina offer is simply far superior to any I have attended in terms of learning to manage anxiety.” -Mike


"I walked into my first session with Vivek, recovering from my last panic attack, full of spiritual confusion and emotional blockages. Experiencing the tracking exercise with him opened unbelievable hidden traumas that my therapist of four years couldn't get to. I finally felt free, clear what my needs are and in a state of complete flow.  Vivek is not only wonderfully trained, but his vast experience in Raja Yoga Meditation and his wide open, compassionate heart made me feel safe, understood and accepted.  Vivek has always been totally present with me in a kind and loving way.  My life is changing so profoundly that I will continue my work with him and will recommend it highly to others too".- Vanessa

“This was the most amazing experience i have ever had. I gained a lot of reflection and awareness about where i’ve gotten stuck in my life and why. In this weekend, I probably learned more about myself than i could have in 5-10 years with a psycologist. I’m so grateful for this experience, these facilitators and I highly recommend, if you get a chance, open your hearts and just see what you will get out of it!”-Micheline

“I came into this retreat feeling very distracted, busy and didn’t have enough time to settle down. I almost didn’t come because I was so busy. This retreat was the best medicine, I could have asked for. I leave feeling clearer, grounded, present and strength that i haven’t felt in a very long time. If you have the opportunity to work with them, if this comes across your path, don’t hesitate. It is a place that we all want to live from: Clarity, Groundedness and strength.” -Meaghan


"This retreat was awesome.  The biggest benefit for me was being able to speak my truth without hesitation and being able to carry on casual conversations with people more comfortably." -Karalyn


"I was incredibly surprised by the depth in which I was touched and the intensity of the amplified field.  If you can do it, do it!  If you can't, figure out how you can!" -Kevin


“ As a result of working with Vivek and Kristina, another window has been open to my soul. I feel more present and available to others. I notice where I shut down and where I am open. I have less fear and guardedness, and greater courage. I am less judgemental of others and myself. I have less tension around the unexpected. The message is that it’s ok to be who you are and that’s the only way to be, authentic. Even though I have been on a spiritual path for years, this is a fast track, because you go into the patterns from where they originate. You correct it at the root: the old stuck energies, karmas and feelings. It’s going in a very direct way to resolve these things, instead of just waiting for life to bring a situation to resolve them. This circle is a strong, pure container for healing.” -Michelle

“The experience is a deep connection to the divine with a feeling of Love, Security and Joyfulness. I feel the connection with others, the Divine and myself in my entire body, it is palpable. I feel a clearer connection with all of these now, than I did before this work. This coming together in community to heal and transform, in this heart centered field, is the human connection at it’s greatest.” –Karuna

“I am so grateful for my experience this heart centered work. It's hard to explain what happens because it feels so subtle and gentle. The guidance is very masterful. Now, I keep finding myself getting "unstuck" from thought patterns that had been in control of me for years. The current of respect and love within the group makes it easy to participate in such honest sharing, which I never imagined I would do!” -Rebecca

"I learned healing can definitely be amplified in a group! The heart-centered work is this invisible, non-attached link between souls who serve as channels for themselves and others.  God touches our hearts in this sacred space and allows our hearts to take a big step in the journey of healing.  Wherever we are in our life's journey the heart circle work takes us forward. My journey of healing had begun but the heart circle helped me speed up the healing exponentially.  It taught me to get in touch with my deep intuitions, trust my inner knowing and pure intentions. The heart circle helped me boost my self-esteem, rebuild confidence and regain focus.  It gave me space to work on myself and learn very valuable lessons from not just my healing process but the healing process of everyone else too. Special love and so much gratitude to Kristina and Vivek!" -Aarti


"I just experienced the heart centered retreat with Vivek and Kristina.  Coming in I did not know what to expect.  I am someone who is always in my head space, I over think, I always feel I have to be doing.  This was an absolutely amazing experience, and I'm not saying that lightly!  I feel it's been transformative.  I feel I'm able to tune what's in the heart and not necessarily in the head.  It's allowed me to be able to connect with people and build relationships.  If your thinking about coming, I can tell you, it's really going to hit you at your core, it's going to help you to know yourself better, be more open to the universe and human relationships.  I feel I can now be genuinely loving, positive and speak from the heart in a way that's going to be very powerful." -Wendy


"This is a very powerful experience of emotional healing, lot's of different processes that help you find your hearts longing, resolve issues that have sometimes been buried since childhood, and move into a freer space of self expression and inner freedom.  I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to feel more free, heal themselves from the past and experience themselves in a deeper way." -Michelle

 “Vivek and Kristina are true authentic teachers. Their heart energy is evident. The sessions I did with them showed me what is in the way for the heart to fully blossom. They were so clear, intuitive, compassionate and wise and have given me tools for a lifetime. They truly are unique teachers, you won’t want to miss out on this experience. I would like to continue our journey together in the future.”-Yolande

"I was able to connect in many different areas of my life that I need healing in.  I recommend anyone who needs to come into their true form of what's in their heart, to attend a retreat."  -Phyllis