Vivek Kashyap

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Kristina Kashyap

Vivek Kashyap Is A Certified Heart Intelligence Coach who brings clarity and insight into his client’s lives. He teaches his clients how to have a more open, responsive and loving connection with themselves, so they can move towards more freedom and joy. Vivek has studied and taught meditation for over 25 years and has conducted many programs on: Meditation, Emotional Mastery, Mindfulness, Stress Reduction, Empathic and Heart Intelligence.

Vivek is also a technology professional who works with organizations to help facilitate their journey into Mindfulness, Heart Centered Leadership and Empathic Intelligence. As an experienced manager, he helps leaders increase their effectiveness through enhanced communication skills, enabling them to build more trusting and cohesive teams.

Vivek has successfully developed mindful communities, in corporate environments, which have created more open and connected cultures, increased engagement, and inspired innovation. His workshops provide valuable tools to enhance focus, reduce stress and the ability to face work-life challenges with greater peace of mind.

Kristina Kashyap Is a Meditation Teacher, Author, Holistic Health Coach and Practitioner. She facilitates circles and retreats which help bring clarity, trust, depth and joy into the lives of the participants.

She teaches how to create balanced and nurturing relationships with all aspects of the self: body, mind, spirit, energy and emotions. Kristina connects the dots of healing for a simple, practical and vibrant path forward. She also specializes in taking clients through customized health and wellness journeys, by helping them understand their unique needs, map out a wellness plan and prepare a lifestyle for optimum vitality.

Kristina has managed several of her own businesses, which has given her insight into the many aspects of managing and working with and within teams.