Agreements for My Present Heart Coaching

1We will create a sacred space of healing during the My Present Heart Coaching Sessions.  Please come, at the mutually scheduled time, online or in person, ready to be present by being Substance Free and Distraction Free.  You will need be in a room or space where you can be by yourself, so that you feel safe to be open.  

2.  I voluntarily consent to participate in My Present Heart Coaching. I understand this work is not intended to treat, cure, heal or diagnose any disease, mental illness or symptom, and is educational, not psychotherapy nor a substitute for psychotherapy.  I agree to notify the facilitator of any medications I am on or mental health diagnosis I have, before the first call, to see if the My Present Heart Coaching will be of the most benefit to me at this time.

3. I am responsible and accountable for my decisions, actions and results in life, and my participation in the My Present Heart Coaching.  I agree not to attempt to hold Kristina Kashyap, Vivek Kashyap, Presence Spa Inc, or My Present Heart liable for any decision, action or results that I make or experience in business or in life due to my participation in the My Present Heart Coaching at any time, under any circumstance.

4.  I understand that sessions may involve physical, mental, intellectual and emotional activity including exercises that may tax my physical, intellectual, mental and emotional capacity. I understand and acknowledge that my participation in the sessions is purely voluntary, and that at all times I will be free to choose NOT to participate in any part or all of the sessions.  I acknowledge my responsibility for exercising my own judgment and initiative in choosing what parts I will participate in, and I agree to hold harmless and release from all liability: Kristina Kashyap, Vivek Kashyap, Presence Spa Inc, and My Present Heart.

I have read and understand this agreement fully and agree to be legally bound by it.  By responding to our email, with "Yes I agree". My response on email with the above quoted comment constitutes my acceptance of all the terms and conditions expressed in this agreement.