“I learned healing can definitely be amplified in a group! The heart-centered work is this invisible, non-attached link between souls who serve as channels for themselves and others. God touches our hearts in this sacred space and allows our hearts to take a big step in the journey of healing. Wherever we are in our life's journey the heart circle work takes us forward. My journey of healing had begun but the heart circle helped me speed up the healing exponentially. It taught me to get in touch with my deep intuitions, trust my inner knowing’s and pure intentions. The heart circle helped me boost my self-esteem, rebuild confidence and regain focus. It gave me space to work on myself and learn very valuable lessons from not just my healing process but the healing process of everyone else too. Special love and so much gratitude to Kristina and Vivek!” –Aarti P.

“ As a result of working with Vivek and Kristina, another window has been open to my soul. I feel more present and available to others. I notice where I shut down and where I am open. I have less fear and guardedness, and greater courage. I am less judgemental of others and myself. I have less tension around the unexpected. The message is that it’s ok to be who you are and that’s the only way to be, authentic. Even though I have been on a spiritual path for years, this is a fast track, because you go into the patterns from where they originate. You correct it at the root: the old stuck energies, karmas and feelings. It’s going in a very direct way to resolve these things, instead of just waiting for life to bring a situation to resolve them. This circle is a strong, pure container for healing.” Michelle G.

“Vastly Insightful work. Being a part of the work with Vivek has helped me to uncover places within myself that needed care and attention and by giving them that in a very loving supportive environment, those buried weaknesses have become my greatest strengths.” –Nikki H.