Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change - Brene Brown

Sample One Day & Half Day Corporate Workshops

Creating Innovative Teams – Using Mindfulness and Heart Centered Communication to create a culture which promotes out-of- the-box thinking and intelligent experimentation.

Leadership and Emotional Intelligence – How to lead with Emotional and Empathetic Intelligence to create a culture of trust.

Heart Centered Communication for Managers with their Teams- Teaching communication skills that enable a culture of cooperation, connection and trust for higher performance.

Reduce Stress to Create a Better Work Life Balance- Recognizing the causes of stress and how to manage it to achieve a healthier work atmosphere and better work/life balance.

Anger Management - In depth workshop on understanding the root causes of anger and what tools can be used to transform anger for healthier and more effective relationships.

Managing Crucial Conversations – Learn the tools to have crucial conversations which encourage open communication, resolves conflict and increases efficacy.

Stop the Negative Chatter & Stop Defending – Understanding what inner chatter effects our work relationships and transform it for better interpersonal relationships.

Leading from your Strengths – Understand your strengths which enhance your leadership style and makes you more effective.

Power of Empathetic Solutions– Using the tools of empathy to lead in the evolving world of machines and AI.

Vulnerability, the Key to Trust – Cultivate the strength of being vulnerable, which is crucial to establish a more open and trusting culture.

Managing Transitions – How to help teams navigate organizational changes with positivity, flexibility and enthusiasm.

Introductory Mindfulness Session for Organizations- How to create a mindful culture and community in your organization.

Longer Onsite, online & follow-up programs

Basic Mindfulness Practice (8 Weeks)

Mindful and Compassionate Leadership Practice (8 Weeks)

Train the Trainers- Beginners Mindfulness/Heart Centered Leadership (8 Weeks)

Train the Trainers - Advanced Mindfulness/Heart Centered Leadership (8 Weeks)